I only spent a short time in HMS Neptune, or more accurately, the Clyde Submarine Base. It turned out, that, along with may others, I was additional in HMS Defiance and as they were short in Scotland, I was sent there.


So kicking and screaming, in November 1993, I went north working for a Warrant Officer Called ‘Brum’ Wasteney who ran the Rolls Royce and Associates project on the base.


My job was basically as his assistant. Meeting contractors from the gate, calling clients etc. It was an office based job and generally was quite interesting, but it wasn’t to last and in February 1994, I was back in Devonport again with a draft order in my hand to join HMS Sovereign for the 2nd time.

I must say, I was glad to be away from. Faslane as it is a very bleak place. 7 miles from the nearest town and at least an hour away from Glasgow. The local countryside is beautiful but, the security makes entry and exit a nightmare, the accommodation was very poor, but has recently been upgraded.


The locals say of Faslane,


‘If yee canne see the other side of the loch, it’s rainin’


‘If yee can see the other side of the loch, it’s aboot to rain’