It was about 22 years later that I returned to HMS Raleigh in 2001, this time as a Chief Petty Officer instructing the Submarine Induction Course (SMIC) to ratings, artificers and officers. This was a hugely rewarding challenge. As course manager, I was responsible for planning courses and coordinating a small team of 4 instructors and acting as Divisional Officer for about 30 trainee submariners.



I later moved into Phase 1 training and was largely instrumental in planning the long overdue Phase One Review with Lt Cdr Mike Helliwell the Officer Commanding the Recruit School (OCRS).


This was another rewarding project and involved me liaising with various schools within HMS Raleigh and generally revamping Royal Naval basic training into a more practical and less academic structure. The previous structure was over

Looking very smart following Divisions

30 years old and simply did not reflect the changes in the modern service. The changes involved less kit folding and more time on the water and more time fire fighting and dealing with damage control. In short, people learn better by doing tasks rather than listening to an instructor. This all culminated in a Final Military Exercise that put all the training into practice.


Following the implementation, I was again moved back to Phase 2 training and helped set up Mackenzie Squadron in Nelson Block. This involved turning the classroom and foyer into a small museum of submarine memorabilia to help give the trainee submariners a sense of identity. We set up an office on the ground floor and myself, and the other instructors who acted as Divisional Officers for the Phase 2 submariners whilst   ’Tiny’, the WO2, acted as the Office Manager and also the Divisional Officer for the Artificers


After approximately 4 years in various jobs in HMS Raleigh, I joined HMS Turbulent in February 2005