Like most jobs, if it is managed well, the work force is productive. This was not managed at all well. This is not just my opinion, the chap is universally disliked by all I have spoken to. Thankfully, the Navy no longer pays him.


This is the only job I have ever had where I have left without a ‘Goodbye’



Following a draft onboard HMS Turbulent, I again returned to HMS Raleigh as a Fire Fighting Instructor in Triumph Squadron. This was a temporary assignment, so it would be fair to say, I didn’t settle.


The Warrant Officer, took an instant dislike to me. He wrongly assumed much about me and looked for the tiniest thing to snipe at. He had a few ‘spies’  around the camp who misinformed him of my movements around the camp so I was accused of loafing (being lazy) so after a few months opted for a move to MCTA in Portsmouth.